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For each of the statements below, indicate what you feel is your current level of ability in doing whatís described by that statement. Use a 1 to indicate awareness and/or a beginning level of competence and a 10 to indicate that you are fully competent to carry out the indicated function.

Use 2-9 to indicate varying degrees of ability between the two.

ACCOMPLISHED PRACTICE #11 Works with various education professionals, parents, and other stakeholders in the continuous improvement of the educational experiences of students.

1. ___ Serves as a student advocate in the school and with the social, legal and health agencies in the community.

2. ___ Confers with students and their families to provide explicit feedback on student progress and assist families in guiding students in academic and personal growth.

3. ___ Proposes ways in which families can support and reinforce classroom goals, objectives, and standards.

4. ___ Uses the community to provide students with a variety of experiences to examine and explore career opportunities.

5. ___ Works effectively with school volunteers to promote student interest, motivation, and learning.

6. ___ Recognizes in students overt signs of child abuse and severe emotional distress, and take appropriate intervention, referral and reporting actions.

7. ___ Recognizes in students over signs of alcohol and drug abuse, and takes appropriate intervention, referral and reporting actions.

8. ___ Works cooperatively with colleagues and other adults in informal settings and formal team structures to meet studentsí education, social, linguistic, cultural and emotional needs.

9. ___ Uses knowledge of continuous quality improvement to assist the school community in managing its own school improvement efforts.

10. __ Communicates with families including those of culturally and linguistically diverse students to become familiar with the studentsí home situation and background.

11. __ Develops short and long term personal professional goals relating to the roles of a teacher.

Your ROLE OF THE TEACHER Average ______ = Sum of Responses/11